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Looking for the secret to going farther and lasting longer? Then look no further than the new Banks AutoMind Programmer/Tuner. Banks has built a reputation on delivering impressive results on the street and the track. But now they have expanded their arsenal of performance tuning with the all new Banks AutoMind programmer.

If you're looking to get every last bit of energy out of a gallon of fuel, then the Banks Automind is for you. Just like creating hp and torque, the ability to improve mileage is a science. The Banks AutoMind tuner/programmer can deliver up to a 20% improvement in fuel economy for diesel vehicles, as well as a 10% increase for gasoline-powered vehicles. The Banks Automind performance and mileage results are achieved by optimizing your vehicle's fuel injection, ignition and transmission shift characteristics. And for GM and Chrysler vehicles, the Banks Automind will also optimize the cylinder-deactivation system for more fuel-sipping 4-cylinder driving. The Banks AutoMind also lets you read and clear trouble codes, and you can recalibrate the speedometer if you change tire size or gear ratio. And updates for your Banks AutoMind Programmer/Tuner is always free.

The Banks AutoMind Programmer/Tuner is designed to recalibrate the factory Engine Control Module (ECM) in order to optimize vehicle performance based on your specific needs. The AutoMind Programmer will store your factory calibration and install the Banks calibration of your choice, easily and in minutes. Features include multiple power levels (diesel), octane specific calibrations (gas), On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) interface for reading and clearing codes, monitoring for over 20 sensor values, and acceleration performance recording (1/4 mile, 0-60 mph, etc.).

The all new Banks AutoMind Programmer/Tuner  is available for immediate shipment at Vehicle-Programmers.com.